Transitioning to 12 volts does come with its own set of disadvantages.
Understanding the actual advantages.

Converting your Starlink system to operate on 12 volts offers several advantages. These include a reduction in power consumption by 5-10%, eliminating the need for an AC inverter, and the convenience of toggling Starlink on and off with a single button. Some installations even allow for easy access within your caravan via a toggle switch or programmed into your Redarc control panel. However, there are drawbacks to consider. You'll need to invest in additional equipment, such as another modem (if using v2 Starlink) and a 12V power supply suitable for your specific Starlink model. This can result in additional costs ranging from $300 to $1,100.

12V Frequently Asked Questions

Starlink v2 in ample weather conditions will consume at least 85amps of power in a 24-hour window. We find power users average around 14 hours a day (49amps) usage, while those who use it morning and evening only will use it for around 4 hours a day (14amps) on average.

Starlink v3 in ample weather conditions will consume at least 108amps of power in a 24-hour window. We find power users average around 14 hours a day usage (63amps), while those who use it morning and evening only will use it for around 4 hours a day (18amps) on average.

In our experience, cooler days typically result in a higher power draw from Starlink. In icy or snowy conditions, activating the heat setting may likely double Starlink's power consumption.

The issue primarily lies within the inverter. Whenever power undergoes voltage conversion, there is inevitably a loss of power, typically around 5-10%. Therefore, the more voltage conversions that occur, the greater the power loss. Additionally, inverters have a power overhead, meaning that even when the Starlink is turned off, they still consume around 0.5 to 1 amps an hour in most midrange inverters just to remain operational with no load (so if you do use an inverter, turn it off when not in use!). Starlink operates natively on 48-56V DC, so when considering that your batteries are 12V, the inverter must convert the power to 240V AC, and then the standard Starlink connected onto the inverter further converts it again back to 48-56V DC. Understanding this process helps to grasp the power loss incurred along the way.

12V Starlink Power Use
5-10% Less Power Draw
No Requirement for Inverter

Opting for a 12-volt setup is appealing due to its slight power efficiency, although the difference isn't significant. The main advantage lies in potentially saving up to 20% in power consumption if you don't require your inverter for other purposes, eliminating additional inverter overhead.

Starlink Support
Additional Risks
Aftermarket Router & Power Supply

v2 Starlink setup requires an aftermarket router and a 12-volt power supply. Introducing these additional components to your system creates a new potential failure point that isn't officially supported by Starlink. While we provide support for our installations, other installers may not.

Starlink Costs Money
More Setup Cost
12V adds extra setup costs

Incorporating the 12V conversion into your setup raises the initial investment by anywhere from $300 to $1,100, contingent upon the version of Starlink you possess and the chosen power supply. We'll assist you in determining the most suitable option for your needs.

12V upgrade when executed correctly, can be a valuable enhancement.
12-volt configurations are not all equal.
Don't Buy Cheap 12V Conversion

If reliability is crucial to you, thorough research is essential. Some 12V systems on the market lack testing for heat management and efficiency, don't be misled by these cheaper alternatives.

Proven & Rugged Use

Our setups have demonstrated reliability in demanding environments. As avid 4WDers and adventurers who frequently navigate rugged terrain, we have encountered and addressed any failures for your benefit.

Kits & Installed Quotes

We provide quotes for kits tailored for self-installation as well as for a fully installed option. In fact, if you opt for self-installation, we offer phone support for a small fee just to cover our time.

12 Month Guarantee

We offer a 12-month guarantee on both our workmanship and supplied parts. Even beyond this period, if you encounter any issues, we're still available to provide after-sales support at half the regular hourly price.

It's Your Build, Not Ours

We encourage you to remain onsite and observe during the installation. By doing so, you can actively participate in the process and ensure that our work aligns precisely with your vision for the final result.

Market by Demonstration

We take pride in our creativity and often showcase our work on our YouTube channel or in publications on our website. If you prefer for this not to occur, please inform our team during your initial call with us.

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